Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to save money when buying clothes!

As a woman I can tell you, from my own personal experience, that a great deal of my finances goes away on clothes.

That wouldn't bother me that much if I actually wore and enjoyed all of them. But the thing is, that every now and then when I make a review of my closet I feel amazed of how many clothes I have purchased and never wore. And in terms of finances this all translates in a lot of no purpose wasted money.

In order to reduce the amount of money spent on unnecessary items and to actually enjoy and make maximum use of the clothes you buy I came up with a list of suggestions/tips/advices which you might find really useful.

1.Make a strict inventory of your wardrobe and get rid of unnecessary items!
At every end of the season I try to make an inventory of the clothes I have in the wardrobe at that moment.I sort out the clothes I have worn in that season and the clothes I barely used. If I haven’t used them all season long it is really clear that there are small chances I’m gonna use them next season, so the best thing is to give them away.
There are plenty of people who might need them and in that way you can tidy up your wardrobe a bit and actually be able to have a clear view of your clothes and wear some of them more often.

2. After reviewing your clothes make a realist list of the items you need to purchase in the near future!
Make an inventory  of your favourite clothes combinations for different situations and  then try and make a list of all the clothes you need in order to complete some missing clothes combinations and never back down from that list. Even if you see in a store a very lovely  dress, if it is not on the list forget about it, you don’t need it, it’s only gonna be a waste of money and it’s gonna crowd your wardrobe unnecessarily.

3.Shopping on sales , the best way to get some really good deals!
  Shopping on sales is always a good idea if you want to spend less money.For instance you can buy cold season clothes at the beginning of spring when all the winter clothes are on sale, and you can pack them nicely during the summer and begin wearing them next winter. But dealing with sales also has a tricky part: sometimes you can be tempted to buy a lot of things you don't actually need just because they are cheap! In this situation always bear in mind to stick to the  list of things you really need.

4.Readjust some of your older clothes and wear them as new!
Many of us may have in the wardrobe some clothes we just can't let go of but we can't wear them either due to the fact that they are too tight/ too large and need some adjustments.That's why it is very helpful to go to a tailor and readjust these clothes according to your tastes .This way you have some "new" clothes in your wardrobe which you can wear and they don't cost as much as actually buying a new item.

5.Borrowing clothes from a friend is always a good idea!
When you have an event to attend to and you don't want to be seen in the same dress as last year's wedding party, instead of going to buy a new dress which you are going to wear on just one occasion you can better turn your attention to borrowing an outfit from a good friend. This is an excellent opportunity when you want to save money!

I sure hope theese advices may help you in your financial decisions regarding buying clothes.

Wish you a great day and don’t forget to keep control over your finances with Troosby!

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