Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Buy a Smart TV?

I started looking around for a new TV, and, as I don't shop for a TV every month, I realized that a lot has changed from the last time I jump into reviews, forums, and online-shops.

You now have a lot of options to choose from: HD, Full HD, 3D, web browsing, incredible remote controlsSkype, TV apps, file sharing ... and the list goes for ever.

All these nice features are quite attractive but the question is: will I still use them one month after I bought the TV?

Deep down inside I know already the answer. Even if I have a tone of options, my audio-system settings are all on default, I only use just one program on my washing machine (out of 15), I only use two programs on my dish-washer (out of 9), I never touched "melt chocolate" button on my cooking stove ... you get the point.

If you step back for a minute and see the big picture you will realize that all these SmartTV features are just a not very good and non-flexible implementation of a Smart phone.

The alternative: buy an Android media player box and an ordinary, non-smart TV!

Having Android enables you to install any app you want as you can find tones of apps on Google Play.

So instead of buying a 2000€ Smart TV, be smart and buy a Non-Smart TV with 1400€, get yourself a 150€ Android TV box and save 450€.
You can get with less money a TV with better image quality then a more expensive Smart TV for which a lot of your money paid for "Smart" not for "TV".

There are a lot of Android media players out there for you to choose (e.g. Himedia, PNI), just google it.

That's it for today, hope you find my alternative for buying a Smart TV helpful!

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